About Aria Medica

Aria Medica is an Afghan registered pharmaceutical company established in 2016 by an Afghan investor with a team of healthcare professionals, registered with Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Public Health’s National Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA), bearing license No: D-80016. Aria Medica is a subsidiary of Investone

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Healthcare solution

solution (Providing the most reliable healthcare solutions within the country and abroad) MedSina formerly known as “Salam Zindagi” is the online premiere healthcare solution in Afghanistan that interlinks patients with healthcare service providers such as doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmacies and blood banks/donors. The platform is aimed at enabling the citizens to search for the desired medical care and medical consultation based on different selections criteria such as location, ratings of services providers and price before booking an appointment. For more information please go to www.medsina.af

Blood Bank

MedSina provides donors the extraordinary opportunity to save and enhance lives through trust community-based resource for transfusion. For more please visit: www.medsina.af

Healthcare awareness

MedSina is aimed at providing health awareness programs and campaigns both offline and online through our expertise.

Online Health Records

MedSina is the premier healthcare solution that provides online health records for patients and user through its extensive and secured platform. The users can easily check or access to their health records from anywhere in the world within few clicks.