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We provide our interns with comprehensive training experiences that contribute to their overall development and help build their confidence and independence. Our interns learn to work effectively, efficiently and ethically within the Company. Aria Medica ensures internships for graduates and undergraduates, locally and globally on building their capacity through working with Pharmacy Faculty of Kabul University. We accommodate and build capacity of around 30-40 trainees each year. Aria Medica’s internship program provides its trainees with the opportunity to gain exposure to Aria Medica’s diverse functions and varying business practices. This unique opportunity helps interns gain valuable experience, training, continued education and potential career advancement at one of the country’s most innovative and motivating local and international companies operating across the country.



At Aria Medica, we challenge every employee to take the initiative and achieve outstanding results. As an Aria Medica employee, you will actively contribute to the development and commercialization of our products. That means, regardless of your position, you’ll be a full-time innovator, discovering new ways to streamline processes, overcome complex scientific challenges, or figure out new ways to bring quality products to patients across the country. We, at Aria Medica provide equal opportunity for all our employees to collaborate internationally, offering visibility and opportunity to contribute to the company’s success. If you’re ready to join a company with unlimited growth potential and the tools to get us there, and apply for a position today by emailing us your CV to