Pharmaceutical Supply

Pharmaceutical Supply

2017-09-11 10:49:38

Afghanistan is country with a population of 34.1 million with an estimated annual growth rate of 2.40%. The long-standing civil war has seriously damaged country’s infrastructure and no industry has flourished. The country is mainly dependent on imports for all kinds of goods and services, including pharmaceutical products to fulfill the needs of its people. Currently, the country has an estimated annual medicine consumption of USD 400 million and only 2% of the total consumption is met by the local producers. Considering the market needs and the quality of medicines being imported by pharmaceutical companies, Aria Medica with a team of professional pharmaceutical experts through a comprehensive survey have identified the need to develop and implement a pharmaceutical supply in line with country’s policies (National Health Policy (NHP), and National Medicines Policy (NMP). The overall goal of Aria Medica’s pharmaceutical supply is to improve sustainable availability and access to affordable, quality, safe, efficacious essential medicines for people across the country. The pharmaceutical products are imported by Aria Medica through it is manufacturing partners around the world. Through its pharmaceutical supply experts, providing it is patients with over 27 prescription medicines across key pharmaceutical areas, and planning within a year to increase the number of products to the market.

Products List

According to our marketing research findings and Taking into consideration the market needs, Aria Medica through its pharmaceutical experts aiming to import the following essential products that are in priority in the first phase. The products are selected in cooperation with public and private pharmaceutical experts across the country as well as on the national essential drugs list.

The Pharmaceutical team ensures parallel imports of high quality medicines from top international pharmaceutical companies, such as India, The United States of America, Switzerland, Germany, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Latvia to wholesalers, national pharmacies, private hospitals, government and non-government organizations, and private institutions across the country. Supply and distribution of essential pharmaceutical products through ensuring a fully functional regulatory authority with an adequate enforcement infrastructure; Promoting joint procurement of essential medicines of acceptable safety, proven efficacy and quality to the people who need them most at affordable prices.

Import of Medicines

Aria Medica’s pharmaceutical experts have carefully selected top pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers from the following countries, those that will enable them to fulfill an important obligation: ensuring that patients receive pharmaceuticals and related supplies of the highest quality and at the lowest cost.


In order to achieve the overall goal and objectives in importing and procuring pharmaceutical medicines in Afghanistan, Aria Medica’s pharmaceutical experts will pursue the following strategies:

Select reliable suppliers of high-quality products across the world

Our dedication to quality in everything we do is uncompromising, and covers every stage of the development, production and marketing of medicines we import from international pharmaceutical companies: from the supply of materials through manufacturing and approval by the strictest authorities in Afghanistan.

Conduct regular quality assurance testing.

With our most advanced testing equipment, we guarantee the quality of products we import from international pharmaceutical companies. Equipment is tested and certified, and every manufacturing process is validated by the pharmaceutical experts at ministry of public health. All supplier procedures are strictly supervised by a team of our experts to ensure that only the highest grade materials are used in the products we import to Afghanistan.

Procure the most cost-effective and high quality pharmaceutical products in the right quantities through its full equipped warehouse across the country

With our presence we deliver timely, reliable and cost-effective distribution at critical situations to our customers’ ability to provide their end consumers with safe and effective products at the right time.

Ensure timely delivery to our consumers and costumers across the country

Our manufacturing network is continuously optimized so that our customers can have full confidence in our supply chain. This is enabled by high-volume, technologically-advanced distribution facilities. These facilities allow us to deliver new products swiftly and reliably. We continually review our capabilities and capacity. This ensures that we can consistently deliver best-in-class products. Our customers know that their end-consumers are receiving high-quality healthcare and wellness pharmaceuticals.

Achieve the lowest possible cost of selling our products

The core and success of our continuous drive for excellence is expressed in the values of our pharmaceutical team. Their commitment and sense of responsibility are derived from the awareness that every product that we make will affect another person’s health with high quality with lowest possible cost.


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